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MARCH 2017-1- PODCAST 0001 ME3TV

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Welcome to the first edition of IN COUNTRY with ME3TV and a team of under-achieving, over-rated but fascinating characters from a world of "Crackers" and other misfits who will likely never become a blip on the radar of popular national radio or TV.

It is just us.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Yet your few minutes with us may yield a fragment of enjoyment or education in an otherwise crowded bitstreams of information that attacks you daily.

I am Vic Campbell. My technical team is led by  Roger Wilco. I'll introduce our guests as they appear.

Today's Episode is brought to you by Oakes Meats of Chumuckla, Florida, where you latest trophy deer is prepared the way you want it for the table you share with friends. Oakes - because FRIENDS EAT too.  and   River Resources - a log-jam logger operation that clears out rivers and makes useful lumber out of a lost resource. Find them at

It boggles the mind sometimes, the treasures that simply fall out of the sky around us.  Charles Faulk thinks he found one - sixty years ago. He thinks it was a meteorite but trained scientists tell us otherwise. Still - it is a a mystery from the banks of the Little Escambia Creek at Barnetts Crossing on the Little Escambia near Brewton, Alabama.

Mr Faulk saw the fiery trail in the sky. He saw a fire in the woods. He found fresh turned earth in the fire.  And he found this piece of glass.  Learned folks conclude it has no characteristics of a meteorite. It is not a piece of space junk.  If the glass fell hot into the dirt it would have left a sand and dirt obscured shell over the glass.  One explanation is that it is melted glass from some minor industrial effort over a hundred years ago.
 You might find Mr. Faulk at the location of his old sawmill in Floridatown, which is something of a bypassed community that for a time in the 1800's was a critical junction for connections to Pensacola from the East. Many mysteries abide there - from the Native use of the land to the era of early mills and ferry boat services.


Josh Morrell and Jake Nowland are a team for music. Josh has a cerebral palsey, yet a fine melodious voice. Combines with Jake's voice coaching and guitar to accompany, his message with music is worth listening to.  This was recorded at one of their presentations at the Jay Historical Society.You will find more of this story at the Historical society facebook page. 

Jake Nowland and Jerry Morrell are both authors as well.  Jake's book, Sketches from Life "then and now" is actually a book of sketches with hand printed stories on the topics.  It was published in 2011 and printed by Trents Prints of Pace, Florida. Jacob M. Nowland, Jr, PaceFL, (850) 994-1173.  On Page 70, Jake talks about a fiddle he made. "My Miniature FIDDLE ... I made this
little fiddle back in the 1960's and sure did have lots of fun making all of the parts.  After I finished this thing and after close scrutiny, I said "" Well, I'll be, it just looks like an old violin!""  (I wanted a fiddle)"
Our podast ends with a quote from the work of Mr. John Diamond who wrote about the Winding River Road (along the Escambia River) in 1943. He captured the end of an era and some of the fast fading landscape of the pioneer era.
 "This road had its beginning in this neighborhood not necessarily because of the
spring, but because the Spaniards extended their settlements up the water courses from
Pensacola and Florida Town and this area was one of the earliest to be occupied. At this
time the Spaniards had ceased to search for gold and silver in Florida. They were looking
for Indian Trade, quantities of large straight yellow pine timber and luxuriate open range
pastures, and timber for shipment to Spain and pastures for their cattle horses and hogs.
They were also looking for a region having an ample supply of pure spring water for
domestic purposes, and creeks having sufficient fall and narrow valleys to supply
water power. They knew if they were to remain healthy in a land where medicines and
doctors were scarce a supply of pure water must be available. Many of them had been in
West Florida long enough to know the value of an ample supply of fish and game in a land
where the reserve supplies of food is small.
 These adventure-loving Spaniards found exactly what they were looking for in the
area extending from the mouth of Moore’s Creek three or four miles below the
“Spring of Healing Waters,” northeastward along the east bank of the Escambia River to
the Florida-Alabama State Line in the low flood plain and hammocks along the river and
among the crystal springs and clear creeks flowing through the lands adjacent to the

river’s flood plain. Here indeed they found a forest primeval containing the largest and
tallest trees they had ever seen, the most luxuriant and well watered pastures and the
purest water in crystal springs and clear creeks the minds of adventurous Spaniards could
imagine. An examination of the creeks revealed plenty of water and ample fall for
supplying waterpower for all the machinery they would need. An ample supply of fish was
found in the river and creeks and plenty of game grazing in the swamps, hammocks and
piney woods. Truly, adventure had found the land of the present and the future. The small
boats bringing the adventurous Spaniards were anchored or tied up in the mouths of the
little creeks where they emptied into the river and the erection of cabins begun. "

The Winding River Road -- ca 1943 by John T. Diamond- courtesy of the Jay Historcial Society.
We will learn more from Mr. Diamond in future installments.

This podcast was brought to you by and Supporting morale comes from Conflict Free Collards in season at local farm stands and the Jay Historical Society. Additional morale and technical support provided by Roger Wilco, Roy Talks and Uncle Vic. Local Authors. Local histories. Local voices. Join us regularly from links at Buzz Creek Dot Com.

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Virginia Fell of Chumuckla / Pensacola has acquired a strange bone artifact which might even be a fossil from a friend in Gadsden, AL.  It is said to have been dug up by a dog after some food scraps were thrown nearby.  I am at a loss to figure out what animal this came from.

I hope you will share this post with people who may have better insight. Perhaps a professor of paleontology or biology?  Thanks.  Virginia has posted these items on Facebook and that may be the best way to reach her.  Or - email me for more contact information.

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Fairfield-Suisun California 1949

Enjoy a moment in time.  Actually, I was born in this year ! Thank you, Dr. Brian Rucker.

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4th FSSG Marines - Dr Birdwell Hits 87

Navy Corpsmen of the Marine 4th FSSG 4th Medical Bn group at Dr Tom Birdwells 87th birthday. Doctor B. Was drafted in the marines out of college in 1950 and initially trained in the Navy SNJ in flight school but opted out after phase two. The Navy then put him through medical school and a career followed, which included the Navy Corpsmen here (including my brother, Jim Campbell) A magnificent conversation graced the event. I am glad they let this "tin can sailor" join the celebration. Buddy, checked shirt front, still carries a globe and anchor tie clip Dr. Birdwell gave him years ago. Chief, John (front right), received his marine cap after this photo. Thank you, Tom and Judy for a wonderful memory on Pensacola Bay. I've invited them all to my ship reunion in Pensacola Oct. 7. VETERANS Park and McGuires for lunch. You are welcome too!
 — with Buddy Hamilton andJim Campbell.

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In Country With Uncle Vic: Scott Griffin's 3 Point Plan for President

In Country With Uncle Vic: Scott Griffin's 3 Point Plan for President: Sc Scott Griffin is running for President (maybe). Depends on if he can get on the ballot with a criminal record in his past. Anyway. HE ...

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SAND Beach Observation

This is some pristine shoreline at the North End of Apalachicola Bay.  Imagine the early inhabitants of this wild space.  Limitless Oysters ..  and maybe panthers and gators to deal with.

Pitt Springs on Econfina Creek

Just taking the waters ... down home.  Nice Spring on Econfina Creek.

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The Archer’s Son | M. E. Hubbs

The Archer’s Son | M. E. Hubbs

Here is a book that can inspire young people to study history

 AMAZON.UK Best Seller!
…Hedyn held an old sheet iron helmet and a mail tunic up in the starlight to see them better.  The breast of the mail bore a ragged hole and the heavy links were sticky. It took a moment for Hedyn to realize it was soaked in drying blood.
“A bascinet and hauberk?” he asked.
“Aye, you shall need these before the night is done.” . . .

Treachery, disease, hunger, and death plague their steps as King Henry’s men near their fateful battle with the French army at Agincourt.  Eager to see the world that lies beyond his small Cornish village, 12 year old Hedyn, son of an archer and serf, is thrilled to be chosen to join King Henry’s army as it advances on Normandy.  His excitement quickly gives way to exhaustion in body and spirit, as well as worry for the safety of his newfound friends and comrades.  Can a mysterious stranger with a secretive past offer Hedyn hope amidst the horrors of battle?
The Archer’s Son has remained on the Amazon,UK top ten best seller’s list for kid’s medieval fiction for over fourteen months!

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While Passing Through Montgomery

Stuart Pooley and his local topics for recitation.

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Rain at the Barn

Just a bit of rain from behind the Jasmine Vines. Spring Rain.

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The things we remember...............

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Raymond Johns - Author from Bagdad

Raymond Johns - Author
All I wanted was a boat. But you know the story about a boat and what happens next. So I had to sell the boat or face the wrath of Karen Campbell.
Sold it to a man who is dragging logs out of the river but he needed a truck. I helped him find a truck which promptly broke six times in two months. So I found him another truck for trade by way of a man named Freeman Simpson.  Freeman has a buddy named Raymond Johns who is a budding author with few resources to reach his market.

A letter from President G.W. Bush

THIS means the boat purchase from the recommendation of the daughter of the man who told me about the glass tektite meteorite from Barnetts Crossroads in 1967 has led to this moment of helping Mr. Johns get his books into print or electronic media without any cost to himself.  My suggestion is to use (Amazon) or (independent).

These places on the web make book publishing easy and actually NO cost to the author until the books start to sell --- at which time a percentage goes to those companies.

A Beginner Reading Book
Some of his books are targeted toward children - including a coloring book and an early reader. Other books are geared toward philosophical or religious insight. I am going to try to set up a place for him using free - Some of these books should be electronic downloads anyway.

Among the Mr. John's hobbies is the practice of writing to Presidents of the United States or to other government leaders to offer them encouragement.  He has letters in return from George W. Bush and Barack Obama among other government leaders.  I have suggested he can create a book from his correspondence to and from those leaders and probably find an interested audience.  We are going to look into that. I may help him scan the material.  And I am going to show him how to set up a blog like this one -  or my In Country with Uncle Vic Blog where he can write to his heart's content and get the word out about his various projects.
Coloring Book with Nutrition

The man is multi-talented. Other hobbies include the making of metal sculptures from scrap material and he collects a wide variety of art - some of it originals - some of it that might find interested buyers on the internet. So --- for want of a boat --- I am now involved in ONE MORE project.  I'll be back over at the Perdido River today to see how the RIVER LOGGER is doing.

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