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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hal Hirsch on the Guitar

Hal often accompanies Suzanne Carrington in her performances around New Jersey. Take this link and chill out with a little solo guitar by Hal Hirsch. Learn more about him at his website and from this brief interview.

Suzanne Carrington Performs

Suzanne Carrington is a regional performer based in Northern New Jersey. You can see her interview posted below. We also interviewed her guitarist for this sample. You can see Hal Hirsh's interview and a sample of his own music here as well. Eggzono wants to bring a regular sampling of local entertainers to our channel. If you are an entertainer and want to share your story and some samples of your work, let us know. Would you like to submit a video sample for viewing on Eggzono? Contact us. We encourage volunteer producers. Volunteer, Brian Gartside shot the background scene for this video. It is sunset at Heater's Pond in Ogdensburg, NJ.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Summer Schedule

It came as a surprise to all of us here at Eggzono, but our entire, very large staff (over 220 lbs!), took time off in July and August. Meanwhile, several new features are about to come into the video blog. The second Sparta Mayor's Report is about to come online. There will soon be several entertainers featured, along with news from the local entertainment sector. Larry Cutrone produced a CD with mandolin music that has been nominated for a grammy! Suzanne Carrington provides some samples of her music. Cameo Productions is introduced with a sample of past performances (see the news below ... there are still some performances to see this summer!) A presentation about Samaritan Inn with Cindy Everitt is coming soon. Would you like to see YOUR town mayor on Eggzono.TV? Ask them or other public officials to get in touch with us. There is no fee for elected officials or for non-profits. This is a public service of Eggzono.TV. Don't forget to check out our other channel - "In Country". One of our favorites is a NYC taxi driver who doubles as a taxi minister.