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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tanker War

at that point, was puckered up ..... and I was just reading it."All Hand Brace for Impact!"
new suggested phraseology under direction of the new commander in chief..
"sip some wine and chill, bro".
Nice book, Dallas! I recommend it to my friends on facebook and my email list. I cheated a little- reading the part with you and USS Gary first. I like the part where you charged at flank speed toward the silkworm to put yourself between the missile and the sea bases. Trying to stealth the directing bogey helo was cool too. You should have at least gotten the Navy Award for Audacity of Hope with palm leaves!
For my CC friends: Dallas was Comm Officer in USS Bainbridge off Haiphong when I was comm officer in USS O'Callahan at the same time as we steamed in company for a week or so for the "Christmas Bombing" of 1972 - Hanoi. Later he became C.O. of USS Gary (featured in this book - duel with a silkworm). In 1993 he was CO of USS Cowpens and having read my book with some references to the Tonkin Gulf and Vietnam - ( a copy I had left aboard during a Cattlemen's Association tour of the ship in San Diego a couple years before) he invited me to ride his cruiser back from Hawaii to San Diego. Been a friend ever since. There is also a relationship between how USS Gary and USS O'Callahan got their names ( see ... see USS Franklin story of "the photo" on video pages).

If you or someone you know enjoys recent Naval History - this new book - TANKER WAR - is a good choice for yourself or as a gift.

Other GREAT NAVY READS I suggest:
A Blue Sea of Blood -- (the USS Edsall - relatiing to the Asiatic Fleet and WWII)
and Six Frigates (the epic founding of the US Navy).

Monday, January 05, 2009

Maybe WE go BACK to 1950? Feel Better?

Maybe 1950's nostalgia will help soothe the pain of 2008?

Here are more OLD RARE CARS.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The BBQ Song

Feeling homesick just now.