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Saturday, September 30, 2006


This is a preview of the "Snowetry" collection. The DVD is available only in packs of 20 DVDS (for $39.95 delivered) that are suitable sharing as a gift for friends and family. . 100% of the video was shot in Sussex County, NJ. The project was put together in a virtual partnership with M.J. Trenklerin Jacksonville, Fl. YOU can download the full video plus added snowfall footage in an mp4 file from for as little as $3.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Student Broadcast

This is a typical student broadcast of an educational topic. The schools in Sparta can do this with every subject, including sports and other extra-curricular activities for an investment in a computer, an inexpensive video camera and inexpensive software - total cost -about $3000. It is so easy to do, students in third world countries do it every day -- but not in Sparta schools or for that matter in most Sussex County Schools. When the schools here DO invest in media, they invest in 20th century broadcast technology that costs 100 times the cost of online broadcasting. This is because of the glamour of cable and TV broadcast, an industry that is rapidly devolving into web segment broadcasting. So, Sussex County, NJ students are being taught how to do high end broadcasting with expensive equipment so they will know how to do non-existent jobs when they graduate. At best they are being exposed to high end broadcast tools that 99% of them will never use as they pursue low cost web broadcasting into the niche markets they will serve. Meanwhile, kids in Mississppi are already broadcasting to their niche educational and community markets and preparing themselves for work in the 21st century. Those students, regardless of their profession, will be competent producers of web media to enhance their exposure in the marketplace.