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Monday, May 30, 2005

Local Features at WBUZZ

Here are some Windows Media Videos showcasing local Authors, Artists and otherwise valuable talent among us.
Dianne Ochiltree: Children's Book Author ... OCHILTREEBOOKS
Rachael Paulson: Children's Book Author ... EARTHMURALS
Fine Arts at SCCC: The SCCC Fine Arts Program ... SCCC Website
Laurie Cagno: Singer "Heal The Wounded" WBUZZ Archives
Homeless Genius: Really, a homeless guy - odd. Don Albert's Page
Many features from Sussex County and around the world are archived at WBUZZ. Visit the link and find features on the Sparta High School, Pope John's Choir, the Sussex Air show and much more. Use the search boxes at the top of the page and reset the query before you select a new category. When you find an interesting feature, copy the link from your browser and share it by email with your friends!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Diary from Sparta in 1910

The Local Historical Society knows it has a gem in this diary. It is dated from 1900. Marjorie Strohsahl reads from it.

There are more presentations by the Sparta Historical Society that will appear soon. These short features and the film "Voices of The Land" are available on DVD. You can order HERE.

Invention for Wheelchairs

Mr. Daniel Mills,who lives near Domino's Pizza on Newton Sparta Road, invented an inexpensive device to help motorize wheelchairs. Your host met Mr. Mills while shopping at Home Depot. Turns out Mr. Mills bought about $6 worth of parts at Home Depot to create his prototype. This is an interestings story! The video is temporarily down, but you can email Mr. Mills HERE.
I was shopping at Home Depot (In Newton, NJ), when I saw a man in a wheelchair whiz by me ... obviously on a mission of some importance. The thing that caught my eye, was his normal folding wheelchair seemed to be scooting along with only a very small electric scooter under it ... propelling it with ease. I stopped him and talked a bit with him. Seems his invention is patented and is being shopped out to buyers who will take it to manufacture and to market. That will mean a lot of people will get to make use of the very simple, yet compelling device that easily attaches to most wheelchairs.

About Sparta NJ

This film is about 10 minutes plus some more at the end for about 13 minutes. The film is a nice introduction to the township of Sparta.
If you are a bank or a real-estate company, you might want to contact us about advertising here with a link to your web-page. This film had over 3500 views in a one year period when it was hosted on the Sparta Township website.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

1756 With The Frontier Guard

This film was made 250 years ago and was only recently rediscovered in the ancient files of EGGZONO Cable-TV archives. Look for more special histories soon. This film temporarily down to clean the film and re-splice it.


At last a place where volunteer tv producers can present features for NW New Jersey. Over 2/3 of the people in Sussex County NJ do NOT have Cable-TV having found Satellite much more useful. The local cable company does not support any efforts to offer public access TV. If you do have Cable-TV, the local community college airs programs on channel 20. Look for some ineresting programs there. These are a good effort and worthy of your attention. Essentially however, the people of this area are restricted to commercial presentations from their cable company with no other way to provide them with informative local television. EGGZONO Cable-TV solves the problem! Now anyone with web access, can pick up on local news information on any schedule they choose!

Welcome Northwest New Jersey!

Volunteer producers are welcome to send 5 to 10 minute features on topics of interest to the area. Think: Schools, Town Government, Politics, Sports, History, and Events! Release forms for producer use are available at Buzz Creek. Amateurs are encouraged to participate! Schools with TV production capability can participate with short features on special topics and events in your school. Submit school related productions through your school office. Release forms are available from
Buzz Creek .

Advertisers are welcomed and encouraged. Part of any advertising fees will be shared with volunteer producers. Just select a topic or feature you want to appear with and we will prepare an ad with you to appear alongside those features. We can even provide a link to your business website! Note: features will soon be catalogued by

category on an Eggzono_TV.