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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Invention for Wheelchairs

Mr. Daniel Mills,who lives near Domino's Pizza on Newton Sparta Road, invented an inexpensive device to help motorize wheelchairs. Your host met Mr. Mills while shopping at Home Depot. Turns out Mr. Mills bought about $6 worth of parts at Home Depot to create his prototype. This is an interestings story! The video is temporarily down, but you can email Mr. Mills HERE.
I was shopping at Home Depot (In Newton, NJ), when I saw a man in a wheelchair whiz by me ... obviously on a mission of some importance. The thing that caught my eye, was his normal folding wheelchair seemed to be scooting along with only a very small electric scooter under it ... propelling it with ease. I stopped him and talked a bit with him. Seems his invention is patented and is being shopped out to buyers who will take it to manufacture and to market. That will mean a lot of people will get to make use of the very simple, yet compelling device that easily attaches to most wheelchairs.

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