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Thursday, May 26, 2005


At last a place where volunteer tv producers can present features for NW New Jersey. Over 2/3 of the people in Sussex County NJ do NOT have Cable-TV having found Satellite much more useful. The local cable company does not support any efforts to offer public access TV. If you do have Cable-TV, the local community college airs programs on channel 20. Look for some ineresting programs there. These are a good effort and worthy of your attention. Essentially however, the people of this area are restricted to commercial presentations from their cable company with no other way to provide them with informative local television. EGGZONO Cable-TV solves the problem! Now anyone with web access, can pick up on local news information on any schedule they choose!

Welcome Northwest New Jersey!

Volunteer producers are welcome to send 5 to 10 minute features on topics of interest to the area. Think: Schools, Town Government, Politics, Sports, History, and Events! Release forms for producer use are available at Buzz Creek. Amateurs are encouraged to participate! Schools with TV production capability can participate with short features on special topics and events in your school. Submit school related productions through your school office. Release forms are available from
Buzz Creek .

Advertisers are welcomed and encouraged. Part of any advertising fees will be shared with volunteer producers. Just select a topic or feature you want to appear with and we will prepare an ad with you to appear alongside those features. We can even provide a link to your business website! Note: features will soon be catalogued by

category on an Eggzono_TV.

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Buzz Creek said...

Once I have a reasonable number of features on the BLOG or "VLOG" (video blog) the features will be duplicated into a website that is catagorized by show type or area. For instance (not set up yet) will be a channel for NW NJ (area code). But many features with global appeal will coexist at the generic as well as localized website channels. Volunteers who are trained will be able to submit features from wherever they are. Once established, advertisers will be offered space beside the feature and this money will go to support volunteers / web hosting and print media to drive more traffic to the site.

NOTE: (this is explained in the Title Banner - but) EGGZONO = "X on O" Cable TV ... that is , "NOT" cable-TV.
That said... occasaional features will be of a quailty they can be offered in DVD format to cable stations such as ETV and Public Access stations.