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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things are Different in Africa

A SAD NOTE on this post. After posting this - I learned that Fred Pitts had died of a stroke only a couple of days after his talk to the Kiwanis Club. At the club I noticed his voice seemed to waver and I thought it had to do with aging or the Africa experience. It may well have been the onset of a stroke.

Things are Different in Africa - By Fred Pitts
Dear Fred,
I heard you talk at the Milton Kiwanis club when I was home a month ago. I bought two of your books. I have only read so far about 50 pages, but i am fascinated by it and have already recommended it to several people. My Review
I gave one of your books as a gift to my mother-in-law , Kathryn Gatewood ... who apparently taught you in elementary school. she is retired from teaching AND from the Methodist ministry - is about 84 years old and lives in Mulat. Se was thrilled to get your book and talked a lot about "Freddy" and how you were so smart ... and was proud that you had written a book.
by now, I hope she has read the book. she said she was going to contact you and i made sure she had a card with your number and email.
I hope to wrap my time around this BLOG with book reviews and author interviews - (audio files by phone - and video interviews when possible) and perhaps you can be one of the interviews in the (Hopefully) NEAR future.
Wishing you much success with the book. I know it has been out for awhile - but sometimes demand has a way of picking up at random times. I wish it were required reading for a lot of panhandle people (and in particular occupations around the country!!).
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