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Thursday, November 05, 2015

A collection of Country Columns

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  • Guest Column: Cornbread and ‘sweet milk’: another country delicacy

  • Guest Column: Columnist doesn’t watch football like a ‘normal’ fan

  • Guest Column: Big Jesse, the railroads and country music go together

  • Guest Column: Being a traveling man was no way of living for me

  • Social media: ‘she said, he said, you said’ is trash talk

  • Letters To The Editor

  • Guest Column: This good ol’ Southern boy doesn’t care for hominy, grits

  • Shorts retirement uniform wasn’t ‘in’ at Donie School

  • Some don’t understand that dogs are part of the family

  • All about that (bashful) bass

  • Thank God for unisex hair salons and those ‘store-bought’ haircuts

  • Can’t understand anyone wanting to play with snakes

  • With ‘trigger finger’ affliction, no offense intended at anyone

  • Letters To The Editor

  • 1970s men’s fashions are recalled and regurgitated

  • Doing photos of wrecks, shootings and ‘my bad side’

  • Texas country newspaper family suffers major losses

  • Who’s meaner? A big brother or those stinging red ants?

  • ‘Thunder shirts,’ earplugs and blinders for two needed

  • Making mistakes is normal and ’fessing up should be

  • Old ‘family’ chair kept as reminder of sacrifices

  • I never planned to be a real crawfish farmer

  • Prison process progresses in punishment, preparation

  • What do people learn at professional conventions?

  • The way yew pernounce words yew must be frum…

  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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    7 Books That Will Change How You See The World

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    Glenn Zervas - YouTube

    Glenn Zervas - YouTube

    A talented musician. I used his music for a few video projects when I lived in NJ.

    Wednesday, April 29, 2015

    The USS Houston - a movie

    I hope you will look into this video that I have placed on GBOX. For 99 cents you can watch Part I of the story of the USS Houston.  You will also get THREE free shares for your friends. Just pay for one (yours) and three of your friends can watch it for free.  GBOX is a streaming company similar to Youtube but with a system to help producers make some money. Once you buy the film or get it for free - you can watch it ANY time you like again and again from your personal log in. The movie remains in the cloud - yours to watch.  This is PART ONE of " DEATH OF A GHOST - the last stand of USS Houston" Part TWO is the POW experience (remember "the River Kwai?" ).  I hope you appreciate the history and pass it along. It was an honor to make this documentary with these special veterans.  Until recently the only way you could see it was by DVD at a cost of about $15.
    Last Stand USS Houston PART ONE

    A PRint of the Battle from EBay

    Friday, April 03, 2015

    Thursday, January 08, 2015

    CROCKETT NOTES - Google Docs

    CROCKETT NOTES - Google Docs

    A little down home collection of Crockett notes