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Sunday, May 27, 2007

County Health Department Notes

Please read these pages and view the videos. Share them with your kids!
the Sussex County Health Department encourages you to visit their website

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Army Air Corps Bombs POW's in WW2

Three veterans of WW2 talk about an incident that put them all in the same place one day. Two are former POW's who were in Japanese ships being bombed by the other veteran. The story of the POWS is recounted in more detail at A video about the epic story of the USS Houston is available from .

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer of 1787--the Men Who Invented the Constitution

Just finished the above book-a very easy read-essentially in narrative form
following Madison's notes of the Constitutional Convention in the summer of
But interesting none-the-less. Gives really remarkable insight into the true
nature of the comprises necessary to make it happen.
Next up-Slavery & Politics in the Early American Republic; a distasteful but
necessary study. In fact, it is actually impossible to do an even cursory
study of the founding of the republic and not deal with the issue, or as the
author of the above mentioned book put it-"the elephant in the room." (Tom

Monday, May 21, 2007

Guns of August

I think the books you have on your list will serve you well. (see Jill --
In Castles of Steele there are land battles all over the world -- .... the
one that bears on my mind that was the crux of the next century - was
Gallipoli and the battle for the Bosporus. The geography had EVERYTHING to
do with the collapse of Russia and the rise of the Bolsheviks (the
subsequent extension of the war). And from thence - the complete alteration
of history for another hundred PLUS years. The Bosporus was a key channel
in the Peloponnesian Wars too. ... If only ... if only ... Churchill and
his fleet had been more aggressive and willing to risk it all in the drive
for Constantinople.

You will learn of battles in South Africa - on the fringe - but affecting
troop availability ...

Castles of Steel -- following Dreadnaught.. makes some very clear
observations about strategies and purpose.

I should think Guns of August does something like giving the pieces of the
whole a nice box within which to focus on the enormous political
struggles.... and it clarifies with painful detail the several significant
points at which some small thing could have changed the world -- and the
opportunity was lost.It is not the gory details of any of these books that
commands attention. It is the amazing interaction of a nations and the
political intrigue and the personalities that gave us our century to follow.

I wish these books were required reading for every politician ... Liberal
and Conservative.

Now -- you know .. I may just have to read "Proud Tower" now.
I am glad you appreciate the book I gave you!

Subject: Guns of August

Hi Vic --

I really appreciate your thinking of me and giving me the beautiful edition
of Guns of August. The book is certainly on my to-read list, but for the
moment I have one or two more pre-war books to read (starting with Tuchman's
Proud Tower, which I just started).

Dreadnought was absolutely one of the best books I've ever read, and I can't
wait to get to Castles of Steel. Massey is an incredible writer -- I may
even have to get interested in Russian history just to read more of his
books. I'm still curious about what to read about the land battles in
general (not too much gory detail) since I understand that Guns of August
ends with the Battle of the Marne. Or do you think that Castles of Steel
gives enough of an overall picture of World War I?

Again, thanks to your thoughtfulness. I'm looking forward to reading Guns
over the summer.



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court

What a great book! I still maintain that the definitive trilogy of
revolutionary American History would be:
* Crucible of War
* George Mason Forgotten Founder
* John Marshall.
Where the first sets the stage for the Revolution; the second starts with
the F & I war and ends with the Constitution; and John Marshall takes us
from the revolution and the constitution to the age of Andrew
Jackson-appointed by John Adams and dying during Jackson's reign
,er---presidency. After reading Marshall, it is a miracle of the modern age
that the national union ever succeeded, and the success of the union was
Marshall's lifelong passion. In reality you can see the seeds of the Civil
War from the turn of the 19th century onward-and Thomas Jefferson's
fingerprints on states rights is utterly undeniable--fascinating.!

And now on to: the Summer of 1787-the Men Who Invented the Constitution.'

(the above presented by Tom Richarme of Tampa - Thanks, Tom!.. posted to - see the author's channel..

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dishing With The Presidents

Dan Calvi, from New Jersey is an expert on the history of dining with the Presidents. His informative and funny insight into the food and the culture of the presidents of the United States is captivating. He plans a regular COOKING program for TV with a Presidential History of Foods. He is a trained chef. MORE PHOTOS FROM THE TALK AT THE SPARTA NJ HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEETING - May 10. MORE about our area at ME3TV.


Dan Calvi, from New Jersey is an expert on the history of dining with the Presidents. His informative and funny insight into the food and the culture of the presidents of the United States is captivating.  He plans a regular COOKING program for TV with a Presidential History of Foods. He is a trained chef.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


The New Jersey Ranging Company served in the French and Indian War. Pictured here are Roger Chapin, Scott Reed, Donna Reed and Bill Higbie. These photos and more will accompany the story from THE COLLEGE HILL, the student online news from Sussex County Community College. You can contact the Rangers through Bill Higbie - Here are MORE PHOTOS from the day. Additional information from the day can be found in short web movies posted under search for ME3TV topics.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sparta Lacrosse

... PICASSA-Google .... PhotoBucket ... FLICKR ...
AMAZINGLY the quicktime movies actually play in Picassa.Google. As you click forward in the "view" page to succeeding frames - the MOV files will open and buffer to play. Play a second time for a smooth playback. Some of them are nice action shots. Sometimes the same shots are posted at Photobucket or Flicker. THE ME3TV SPORTS CHANNEL will have these links too.

Me3TVis taking quite a lot of photos of Sparta Lacrosse Games. I am adding videos (quicktime) from what I shoot in clips from my Panasonic Lumix camera. Sometimes I shoot on DV tape and can make those into DVDs for people who want a copy. The quicktime movies and the JPG's are also being made available at no charge on CD's. If you'd like a copy on CD and did not get one - let me know (Vic).