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Friday, August 31, 2018

Catching Cricketts with Matt Dobson

Matt Dobson is an author of several faith based books. This one is a new road for him. It is an Historical Romance and it involves the long disappeared community of Coon Hill near Chumuckla. You can sense the reverence he has for his roots in this area and the appreciation for the pioneers of Coon Hill. Contact Matt to find his book ... which is also available from Amazon.

Matt's roll in raising funds to restore the Coon Hill Cemetery has been an example of community spirit and giving. An Annual 5K Run for the Cemetery raises funds to repair damage and maintain the historic place. 

There are many superb authors in our area. Here are a few.

Friday, August 10, 2018

ME3TV VLOG1 - JAY Museum - JULY 2018

Our first attempt at a podcast from the Jay Museum.  Our goal is to smooth this out and introduce various authors, writers, artists, musicians, storytellers and interesting people of all kinds from our region ... to whomever might enjoy the learning. THIS LOCATION will supply links to other resoruces that are mentioned inside the podcast. is a  tag address for this page.

Mr. Charles Faulk explains his "meterorite"

Learn ;more about  Kevin McKinley's books at

Read and enjoy Earline Smith Cruz at the TRI CITY LEDGER and at 

LOOK FOR INTERESTING PEOPLE in future posts. We hope to interview many for the small screen and feature their work for you to enjoy. ... 

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