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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tops Appliance

Memories are made in Mom and Pop stores, not “box” stores. By Stephanie Cato 

Friday I needed a part for my dryer, so we stopped by Tops Appliances in Milton. We were fascinated by some of the antiques on display and the operational fifties vintage water fountain. I acquired about a stove my family had purchased years before, and the clerk remembered my mother, Luquetta “Pete” Whitfield and was able to pull up all her purchases going back over 20 years. My first TV came from Top's Tv! I also remember visiting Top's as a child and enjoyed helping Mom decide which appliance we would buy. So many memories flooded back into my mind. Memories are made in Mom and Pop stores not “box” stores...

Tops Appliances is a family owned store opened by Clayton White in 1957. His son, Barry White, inherited the business when his father passed in 2014 and now operates the store located at 6712 Caroline Street. Tops is a full service appliance company that sells many major brands. They are open Monday - Friday 8AM to 5PM and 8AM - Noon on Saturday. They carry many parts in stock and if the do not have it, they’ll gladly order it for you. Stop in and check out all the appliances they have on their showroom floor. 
Luquetta “Pete” Whitfield Ca 1957 Appliance

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BUZZ CREEK said...

I like to use Tops Appliances. The heritage runs deep there. I've discovered that after all is said and done and the bills paid, it is often less expensive to deal with these folks just because of the advice, service and installation advantages. One of our friends in MIlton, Jerry Ranger grew up in MIlton with his retired Navy Chief dad working there for Tops. I never got to meet Mr. Ranger, but I met a lot of his shipmates from the USS Houston (and the Bridge on the RIver Kwai). A lot of the surviving crew from the loss of the Houston could point to John Ranger for saving thier lives in one of the many battles the ship endured in its short "life at war".