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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This is posted at
The video was provide through David Haantz. It is short and it is FUNNY!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

JV vs Newt Q4 30 Oct 06

You can find a selection of sports videos now on the SPORTS channel at ME3TV. Encourage someone who shoots sports footage at your school to participate in the YOUTUBE channel - "SPORTS973".

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Talking To Ourselves - Opinion

Talking To Ourselves - Opinion
Two adult students write a column for the Sussex County Community College News-Ezine. Funny, and informative.

Homeless in Paradise - Community Spotlight

Homeless in Paradise - Community Spotlight

Thursday, November 30, 2006


FROM TOM R. (via a shipmate) - If you are interested, I just finished reading "The End of Faith - Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason" by Sam Hall, an excellent book which chronicles the clash of religion and reason and the role of religion in all the wars, past and current, in the world. He writes compellingly that Islam will eventually rule the world and you will either be a believer
or you will be dead. The rapid spread of Islam, coupled with the Koran's simple believe or be killed commandment, and their inevitable acquisition of nuclear weapons will not be a pretty picture. I'm currently reading "America Alone - The End of the World as We Know It" by Mark Steyn. He believes that old Europe is already gone - low white European birth rates combined with high Muslim birth rates have doomed the continent, including Russia, and their fall to the Muslim hordes is inevitable. Most European countries will not last more than about 20 - 40
years. A birth to death ratio of 2.1 is required to sustain a population. Most of white Europe has a rate of less than 2.0 and Russia's is 1.14, etc. Meanwhile, the Muslim segments of their population (as high as 30% in many French cities) has a rate of 6.0+++. Italy (1.23), Greece, France, Spain, Germany (1.35), Russia, etc., are all going down as is Canada (1.48) and the
rest of the West with the possible exception of the U. S. The EU average is 1.38.

Combine that with the high cost of their social programs and the fact that the average age in many Muslim countries is less than 20 years. It's a simple mathematical problem - the West is not going to have enough people. The prospect of another "Dark Age" is quite real. Interesting stuff backed up by lots of facts, figures and logic - not the thing of liberal propaganda. Meanwhile, the apparent ignorance of our politicians combined with their unwillingness to deal with the problem is not only disgusting but criminal. People like John Kerry who routinely claim that we should be more like Europe are nuts.
Another shipmate reports (this one a tree hugging - granola crunching lib from Oregon)- We too were very impressed by End of Faith. Author is "Harris" rather than "Hall" and he has been getting quite a bit of attention on the talk show circuit. I have historically been an economic determinist and figured that religion, nationalism, patriotism, etc. was window dressing but events of the last decade or so have forced me into rethinking things.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The SCCC Student Video Feature Blog

This blog will contain posts of all known Sussex County Community College, student videos. Several or any video hosts may supply the video in the blog. The most used are Youtube, Yahoo Video and Video Google. The student newspaper, The College Hill, also runs regular features on new student video work from the campus and beyond. The local TV station on the web - ME3TV also carries a link to this blog as a "channel" in it's local selections.
Stephen Lynch
ALL Creatures - mini horror
Historic Celibation
Mesa Verde Tour
Collin Fricke 15 Yr Old Guitarist
K104.7 and Katrina
Old Photos of Lake Mohawk

Trout Fishing in New Jersey

Looks like a stream in Maine or Vermont. But it is in New Jersey. Here, Dustin Terwilliger, (at the time, a Student of film at Sussex County Community Collegein NJ)interviews his friend, who is an expert on trout fishing in this area. The music is by Bill Klemm whose CD can be found through contacts at Additional information is on's channel 973.

Homeless in Paradise - A Local Solution

Even idyllic locations in America have some percentage of their population that is at risk of homelessness. Sometimes there is simply not enough affordable housing for low wage workers in low-skill jobs who support the engine of the economy. Sometimes a trick of fate puts a family already on the edges of financial stability out of their home and into the street. The Interfaith Hospitality Network is a volunteer organization that helps many of these people re-connect to a stable income and housing arrangement. Sussex County, NJ's IHN (SCIHN.ORG) is a part of the national group. This video is presented by ME3TV.

Running A Boarding Farm for Horses

This is a short 4 minute interview with the owner of Silver Fox Boarding Stables. The interview was made by a student at a community college in New Jersey. In this interview we learn some of what it takes to run a boarding stable operation. The school website is See

ALL Creatures - mini scary movie

This was a class project. Make a horror movie with one hour to shoot; one hour to edit. Use sound effects. A class of 8 students went to a nearby abandoned summer camp and made the shots. Later, they met to edit using sound effects. There is no narrative or speaking part. The idea was to make it creepy with images and sound effects only. I think the students succeeded. A later project might be to add an ending to this short. Actually, we welcome your version of how you would end this short film with your own 30 second movie! Reference "Sussex County Community College, SCCC, All Creatures ".

PIano Man - 103 Years Old

Evil House - Haunted

Friday The Thirteenth

The SCCC Student Video Feature Blog

This blog will contain posts of all known Sussex County Community College, student videos. Several or any video hosts may supply the video in the blog. The most used are Youtube, Yahoo Video and Video Google. The student newspaper, The College Hill, also runs regular features on new student video work from the campus and beyond. The local TV station on the web - ME3TV also carries a link to this blog as a "channel" in it's local selections.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Forgotten Fleet

"THE FLEET THE GODS FORGOT" by Walter G. Winslow is still available at and Barns and Noble .. as noted by Delsa "Winslow" Amundson. If you read this book, you will have a very good grasp of the struggle of the USS Houston, its crew and the Asiatic Fleet in the doomed battles of the early Pacific War of 1941-42.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Congressman Frelinghuysen 11th Distr. NJ

This is a brief introduction to Congressman Frelinghuysen, who represents a part of Sussex County NJ, and Essex and Morris Counties in the US Congress. If you have never met your congressman - at least take an opportunity to learn a little about them and their work.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Freeholder - Sussex County - Wirths

Hal Wirths has served as a Freeholder in Sussex County for several years. ME3TV provides these introductions as a service to the people of the county and especially newcomers who want to understand local government. ... The background for this feature is Thunder Mountain Pond- in a photo by Don Freeman - .
Old Photos of Lake Mohawk

Retrostockphoto has these pictures. You should take a look sometime. Some of them are for sale in local stores in Sparta, NJ. ... (more)
Congressman Garrett - NJ - 5th District

Scott Garrett represents the 5th congressional district of NJ in congress. This is a district that covers Sussex County (mostly) and a region across the top of the state. In this introductory feature, you are enocouraged to listen and get a feel for the man who represents our area at the national level. Congressman Garrett encourages you to contact him at

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This link is to BOOK TV. IT is from C-span.
You can view featues on the web anytime after they air on TV

Friday, November 10, 2006

Paintball in PA

Mark Rolef made this video in October. The SKIRMISH fields in PA are often used for scenario games. A day at this is exhausting - so imagine what the REAL veterans of the Battle for Berlin went through! God Bless our Veterans. Your use of stock footage of WWII with your footage from the day, give this a sense of heritage - with the excitement of scenario combat. I was there for this day and I have to say, I really HATE that German tank! It took me out in a very painful way! Outstanding video, Mark. Keep them coming! For history buffs - may I suggest a book? "Armageddon - The Battle for Germany 1944-45". Thanks for the vid.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lacrosse on YouTube

Hopefully, local school teams and leagues of ALL sports will begin adding their best videos to me3tv sports channel. Here are some great videoclips of lacrosse you may enjoy. High School Lacrosse players love to watch this stuff.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sparta Education Foundation

The recently formed Sparta Education Association would like you to read the press release and consider being a volunteer. Press Release : Pledge Form: Volunteer Form

USS Houston

This note comes from Clay Ramsey of Jim Hornfischer's new book "SHIP OF GHOSTS" is featured in an exceprt called "the street fight in the sunda strait" in this month's issue of Naval History magazine. Also, in that same issue, the book "Shattered Sword" by Jon Parshall and Tony Tully, has been added to their "bookshelf" for the year 2006. This means, in
essence, they regard it as a "must-read" book. So, if you don't already subscribe, go to a bookstore and get a copy of this month's Naval History! These books are also supported by the DVD "LAST STAND OF USS HOUSTON" by Vic Campbell.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Spooked in New Jersey

Armond, our reporter on the scene, did this video for a media production class for extra credit. With no help, he took a school camera and visted the site of a local Haunted House. The story behind it involves a child molester, a murder and lots of scary feelings. We hope you enjoy Armond's tour. He was quite shaken up from the experience. The house is in Sussex County. He got full credit for this one-man production effort. His assigment was to shoot so there would be no editing required. He came close! You can learn more about making video for broadast at the Sussex County Community College. Contact Tony Selimo for information. SCCC 973

Monday, October 16, 2006

Suggested Reading from Tom R.

"Knowing the Enemy-Jihadist Ideology and the War on Terror" by Mary Habeck
"Floridian of His Century-The Courage of Governor Leroy Collins" by Martin Dyckman. (Dyckman just retired as #2 editor of the St. Pete Times and as such is a very unapologetic liberal).
"Washington's Secret War-The Hidden History of Valley Forge" by Thomas Fleming (A Smithsonian Book)
"1812-The War That Forged a Nation" by Walter Borneman
...........and suggstion from Vic -RE 1812 - "Struggle for The Gulf Coast Borderlands" by Owsley.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Teenager Bear

That video is actually at the INCOUNTRY blog (another channel on If you have video to show the community, submit it to me through A free seminar about how to put your video on the web will soon be offered at the Sussex Tech School. You can have your own show or even your own channel -- for the LOCAL community!

Sussex County Tech School

"The Sussex County Technical School, a school of choice, in partnership with family, community, business, industry and institutions of higher learning, empowers secondary and adult students to become self-directed learners and active participants in their community by providing a competitive advantage to pursue ANY career opportunity." This video was prepared by students and staff at SCTS.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Books To Read

I recommend these! I read them and learned a LOT!
"Cotton (TheBiography of A Revolutionary Fiber)" by Yafra. A great insight into the world economy and conflict over time as it relates to the fiber itself.
"Mayflower A Story of Courage, Community, and War" by Philbrik
"Benjamin Franklin: An American Life" by Isaacson - an excellent follow up to "JohnAdams by McCullough" and "1776" also by McCullough
"Johanna" .. by Jennifer Brune. A Book by a local Sussex County new author . Interesting story-line takes a young reader into several known books of the past to make sure one of the (usually minor) characters deos something that will "move the story along" ... or else the book will fail.
"Playing For Time" by Alford: an excellent overview of the last days of the Asiatic Fleet in WWII as it was thrust against the IJN in a desperate attempt to stall the Japanese. I met Wicke Aflord (Capt. USN, Ret) at the Asiatic Fleet Reunion in Asheville in April.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall View over The Delaware River

It is a great view this time of year from a sail plane over the Delaware River. This historic valley is gorgeous this time of year! The Glider Port is in Blairstown. The color in October is amazing. MORE HERE Posted by Picasa Thanks to Paul Avery of AlphaPoint Technology (great software for the company that needs to track its hardware).

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Delaware Water Gap Drive

This drive and terrain can be seen from the air in the glider video on me3tv. Nice countryside!

Saturday, September 30, 2006


This is a preview of the "Snowetry" collection. The DVD is available only in packs of 20 DVDS (for $39.95 delivered) that are suitable sharing as a gift for friends and family. . 100% of the video was shot in Sussex County, NJ. The project was put together in a virtual partnership with M.J. Trenklerin Jacksonville, Fl. YOU can download the full video plus added snowfall footage in an mp4 file from for as little as $3.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Student Broadcast

This is a typical student broadcast of an educational topic. The schools in Sparta can do this with every subject, including sports and other extra-curricular activities for an investment in a computer, an inexpensive video camera and inexpensive software - total cost -about $3000. It is so easy to do, students in third world countries do it every day -- but not in Sparta schools or for that matter in most Sussex County Schools. When the schools here DO invest in media, they invest in 20th century broadcast technology that costs 100 times the cost of online broadcasting. This is because of the glamour of cable and TV broadcast, an industry that is rapidly devolving into web segment broadcasting. So, Sussex County, NJ students are being taught how to do high end broadcasting with expensive equipment so they will know how to do non-existent jobs when they graduate. At best they are being exposed to high end broadcast tools that 99% of them will never use as they pursue low cost web broadcasting into the niche markets they will serve. Meanwhile, kids in Mississppi are already broadcasting to their niche educational and community markets and preparing themselves for work in the 21st century. Those students, regardless of their profession, will be competent producers of web media to enhance their exposure in the marketplace.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Andre & Cirell

Andre & Cirell music and comedy team go through some of their best bits in this short video that showcases their immense talents! You can learn more about these folks from
Larry's talent showcase highlights New Jersey talent, both current and historical. Soon, a ME3TV entertainment channel will hold all these types of video submissions to ME3TV. Here are more of his YOUTUBE presentations. Some of these are classics from the early '70's. It is a trip to nostalgia land for those who loved the New Jersey and NY TV entertainment of that era.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Browse Our Channel

You'll find MANY interesting FEATURES in this video blog (channel). Use the INDEX and ARCHIVE links in the margin to browse for interesting video features for NW New Jersey. You can find specific topics by searching key words in the search box in the upper left corner of the blog. ME3TV is looking for volunteer producers to add content to the site. Contact us if you have a video to share with our audience! See the INCOUNTRY channel for features beyond NJ.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sussex Co. NJ - Freeholder C

County Government

Local Summer Entertainment

Abraham Lincoln's Songs -- Songs that sustained our President and our Nation throughout the Civil War Sunday, July 23, 2006 at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkshire Valley. Sung and Played by Carmen Artis * Steve DePass Domenic Guastaferro * John Hammel Jacqueline Kroschell * Carol Middleton CAMEO PRODUCTIONS More about Cameo Productions

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tiny Bubbles with Cutrone

Larry Cutrone is "hot" with this UKULELE number. His "Tiny Bubbles" rendition is the fifth most popular feature on ME3TV. You can find more features with Larry if you do a search from the small box in the upper left corner of the blog (channel). Many of our features are hosted at offsite streaming services, like YAHOO VIDEO, VIDEO GOOGLE, DAILY MOTION and BLIP-TV.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hickory Grove Opry

Larry Cutrone, who is a well known entertainer in our region, wants you to know about th HICKORY GROVE OPRY. . Family fun and entertainment!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rachel's Army

Rachel Brune is a graduate of Pope John XXIII High School in Sparta, NJ. She joined the army to get involved with film / video production and is now a really and truly embedded reporter in Iraq. Her latest report is from Mosul. Watch your back Rachel! Your Sussex County fan club wants you safe and sound. See her ME3TV channel , the blog SIEGERAT. Be sure to check her photo album linked from the blog. MORE! If you click around a little you find out this is one VERY talented photographer - and writer too. Her black and white shots at Gettysburg are world class. You'll also find this woman is a musical artist with a CD on the market. My guess is, she probably can't cook though. The literary talent in her family extends to her sister who wrote a book!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

HomeGrown Radio Music Fest

HomeGrownRadioNJ and Four Sisters Winery will be hosting the first “HomeGrown Wine & Music Fest” Saturday August 19th from 11 am till 9pm. The family friendly festival offers music for lovers of rock, jazz, jams, folk, brit pop, world beat and music for kids too. Picture features Daria.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Brian Haig - Military JAG Thrillers

Brain Haig (son of Alexander Haig)- Retired LtCol. Rising Author - (Military/JAG/Spy thrillers - "Secret Sanction", "Mortal Allies" (and more))I just read "Private Sector" given to me by avid reader, Don Schuld ( and now I am hooked. Haig lived "INSIDE" the system for a long time. He knows a lot of people. His fictional books with devilish humor, intrique and timely real-world insight are rapidly gaining fans among readers of the genre.

In talking to a recent group of highly educated, well informed stock brokers and analysts in Florida, Brian named off five high profile military leaders in the Iraq and Afghan theaters. No one in the room could recognize a single name. Sadly, most of us were in the same league and may have vaguely recognized only one or two. THIS says Haig is representative of the difference in public awareness public importance of the war effort in the Middle East. The names he listed (like, John Abizaid) are the Eisenhowers, the Pattons, the Bradleys of our time. Yet we have no clue who they are or what they do or how they feel about their mission. List another name: Britney Spears - Everyone's hand shot up. The security of America is at stake, there are life and death decisions at work with the key commanders, yet Britney Spears takes the headlines.

Do we know the difference between the Shia and the Sunni branches of Islam? NOPE.
FOR COMPLETE Summary of TALK - click on "comments" just under this post.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ochiltree- Don't Cramp My Style

Click to Play
From an anthology of writings about "that time of the month", Diane reads a part of her contribution. The book is "Don't Cramp My Style".
Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


Click to Play
Diane Ochiltree reads from her book "Sunflowers Measure Up", that helps young children begin to understand math.Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv)
This video was originally shared on by BuzzCreek with a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Ochiltree - Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins

Diane Reads from her book.
Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv)
Tags: , , , ,
This video was originally shared on by BuzzCreek with a Creative Commons Attribution license. Here is an interview from another blog.

Ochiltree - Lull-a-bye-Little One

Diane reads from her new book for toddlers.
Formats available
: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv)
This video was originally shared on by BuzzCreek with a Creative Commons Attribution license. Here is an inerview at another website.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blip-TV Blog Link

More ME3TV features are listed in the supporting Blip.TV blog. Check them out HERE. Diane reads from the anthology "Don't Cramp My Style" HERE. Soon, a lively interview with the children's author will appear on this site.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NJ Public Health

Ralph D'Aries of Sparta Public Health presents an overview of his department. The film was produced by the NJ Public Health Officers Association. The photo behind Mr. D'Aries is the old SpartaTown Hall. It will soon be demolished as the new facility is opened. The photo is by by Don Freeman.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Memorial Day Tribute - Asiatic Fleet

Vic Campbell spoke to the Veterans of the doomed Asiatic Fleet in early May. The speech is appropriate for Memorial day and is suggested reading for ME3TV viewers.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Author of "Sunflowers Measure Up"

Author of childrens book reads "Sunflowers Measure Up". It is an introduction to mathmatics for very young children.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Story from The College Hill

The COLLEGE HILL (SCCC's Student Newspaper) reports on bike registration for Cub Scouts with the Newton Police. Story and Pictures.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Scary but Scenic "Friday the 13th" 25 Years Later

A 4 minute Documentary shows the scenic locations used in the scary movie "Friday The 13th" 25 years later. The location is in Warren County, New Jersey. This was a student project by Danny Pytell, for a broadcast class at the local college. I've personally been to Blairstown many times, but never to the Boy Scout camp. Some of the places seen in this film are off limits to anyone. Danny just happened to know the right people. (Send this story and others along to your friends with the envelope icon for email just below the posting). Your own feature film can be presented here on ME3TV. Send us a copy. ME3TV will be giving introductory seminars to teach you how to prepare your own news features for the web. Watch for the announcement.

Interview-Boarding Horses

The Silver Fox Farm in Sussex County, New Jersey, boards horses. In this interview by County College Broadcast Student, Jessica Marino, we learn a little about what it takes to run a boarding facility. Sussex County is prolific with equestrian activity. Learn more at the county's agri tourism website! Learn more about the county broadcast program. Contact Professor Tony Selimo.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Author Presentation- Dianne Ochiltree

Dianne Ochiltree is a local author. In this video, she reads one of her stories from an anthology for young teen girls - about "that time of the month". The book is "Don't Cramp My Style". Ochiltree writes for teens and for toddlers - two different genre. Some of her other books will be featured soon. Visit her website! ME3TV will begin an "Author's Channel" soon.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sussex County IHN

Sussex County Interfaith Hospitality Network is a cooperative faith based effort to help families get through periods of homelessness. This 7 minute video explains the program and helps educate us about causes of homelessness and what we can do to help - beyond a faceless bureaucracy. Contacts are: SCIHN and Family Promise(National Organization). All local organizations are encouraged to present their communications videos through ME3TV. It is free. Contact us.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sparta - Jefferson Lacrosse Monday

Number 48 gets a clear shot at the goal as Sparta Lacrosse Varsity goes on to beat Jefferson 11-2. Sparta JV was also the high score against Jefferson on Monday. ME3TV is looking for volunteer producers to bring video or still footage and commetary to the public for all county sports. Have your OWN sports channel on ME3TV! Contact us! Also teams can submit game reports to Tony Selimo of ME3tV for broadcast and RSS. Or, you can submit your own *.wav file for broadcast. EMAIL.Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 31, 2006

Always in Season - Sussex County

A Classic Vermont Vacation. All this Vermont footage was shot on location in Sussex County, New Jersey. Wait a minute! This IS New Jersey! ME3TV presents this video for your viewing pleasure. If you live here, please DO NOT share this video with a lot of outsiders. They'll all want to come here to live. If they are your relatives, who live in some Middle American town, you will no longer get sympathy letters from them. You will no longer be their "poor East Coast orphan". You can't milk them for fruit baskets and care packages anymore. I suggest you send them the video of a Manhattan Cab ride and tell them you live just a short distance from metropolis. It will help you maintain the aura of intense humanity and stress. Below are some of the links related to this film. DO NOT click on them or send this blog post to anyone using the envelope link underneath the post to the right. DO NOT write comments about the video or this post using the 'comments' link below either. People will get word about this and start breathing OUR air under OUR sky. Let's keep it quiet, shall we? But, if you insist - nobody will punish you.
Sussex County - Chamber of Commerce - Agri-Tourism - Skylands Tourism - NJ Tourism - Mike BreslinProductions - Buzz Creek Sparta - History of Area, and more, many of which are represented here in ME3TV in other features.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Diary Update - 1910

The Local Historical Society acquired this diary from the Town Clerk, who retrieved it from the old town hall attic. (The old town hall will soon be destroyed when the new one is completed and occupied). The diary is dated from 1900. Marjorie Strohsahl reads from it in 2003.
NOW THERE IS AN UPDATE! The author is discovered!
It turns out, the son of Mary Carrier Griswold (the author) lived in Lake Mohawk (Sparta, NJ) and died here. Somehow, this diary, a part of his belongings, came to be in the possesion of the township and found its way to the town hall attic. Mrs. Griswold died while vacationing in Florida in 1965. She was then a resident of the Merriam Home in Newton, New Jersey. She was a member of the Newton Presbyerian Church. At the time of her diary (1900), she was then recently married to Rev. Tracy Beadle Griswold and was living in Auburn, N.Y. His second pastorate was in Albany, Oregon, but we think this diary relates only to Auburn. Mary Carrier Griswold - 1872 - 1965. A PDF file is HERE, so you can read more about this amazing woman. Please feel free to add your comments using the link under this post!
There are more presentations by the Sparta Historical Society that will appear soon. (type "history" in the "search this blog" box above left) Short history features and the film "Voices of The Land" are available on DVD. You can order HERE.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day's End - SNOWETRY

This is a preview of the "Snowetry" collection. The DVD is available only in packs of 20 DVDS (for $39.95 delivered) that are suitable sharing as a gift for friends and family. . 100% of the video was shot in Sussex County, NJ. The project was put together in a virtual partnership with M.J. Trenklerin Jacksonville, Fl. YOU can download the full video plus added snowfall footage in an mp4 file from for as little as $3.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Weather with Tony Selimo is found updated almost daily in this blog. Come back regularly for his weather service!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Train Your Dog To Heel

DAVJAN Training has been at this a long time. Dave provides a FREE DVD for leash training to his customers. But, here you can get some of his dog training advice without having to bother him for a DVD. His website is DAVJANTRAINING

Thursday, January 05, 2006

This history of NW New Jersey was produced by Debra Natyzak of Johnsonburg only few years ago. It is now availalble on DVD. You can buy it online here at Customflix. It is also available at wholesale prices in bulk from Buzz Creek. This is a lengthy but informative preview. You might learn something. Enjoy! And, please - pass this link along to newcomers and others who might appreciate knowing more about the history