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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Books To Read

I recommend these! I read them and learned a LOT!
"Cotton (TheBiography of A Revolutionary Fiber)" by Yafra. A great insight into the world economy and conflict over time as it relates to the fiber itself.
"Mayflower A Story of Courage, Community, and War" by Philbrik
"Benjamin Franklin: An American Life" by Isaacson - an excellent follow up to "JohnAdams by McCullough" and "1776" also by McCullough
"Johanna" .. by Jennifer Brune. A Book by a local Sussex County new author . Interesting story-line takes a young reader into several known books of the past to make sure one of the (usually minor) characters deos something that will "move the story along" ... or else the book will fail.
"Playing For Time" by Alford: an excellent overview of the last days of the Asiatic Fleet in WWII as it was thrust against the IJN in a desperate attempt to stall the Japanese. I met Wicke Aflord (Capt. USN, Ret) at the Asiatic Fleet Reunion in Asheville in April.

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