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Friday, March 31, 2006

Always in Season - Sussex County

A Classic Vermont Vacation. All this Vermont footage was shot on location in Sussex County, New Jersey. Wait a minute! This IS New Jersey! ME3TV presents this video for your viewing pleasure. If you live here, please DO NOT share this video with a lot of outsiders. They'll all want to come here to live. If they are your relatives, who live in some Middle American town, you will no longer get sympathy letters from them. You will no longer be their "poor East Coast orphan". You can't milk them for fruit baskets and care packages anymore. I suggest you send them the video of a Manhattan Cab ride and tell them you live just a short distance from metropolis. It will help you maintain the aura of intense humanity and stress. Below are some of the links related to this film. DO NOT click on them or send this blog post to anyone using the envelope link underneath the post to the right. DO NOT write comments about the video or this post using the 'comments' link below either. People will get word about this and start breathing OUR air under OUR sky. Let's keep it quiet, shall we? But, if you insist - nobody will punish you.
Sussex County - Chamber of Commerce - Agri-Tourism - Skylands Tourism - NJ Tourism - Mike BreslinProductions - Buzz Creek Sparta - History of Area, and more, many of which are represented here in ME3TV in other features.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Diary Update - 1910

The Local Historical Society acquired this diary from the Town Clerk, who retrieved it from the old town hall attic. (The old town hall will soon be destroyed when the new one is completed and occupied). The diary is dated from 1900. Marjorie Strohsahl reads from it in 2003.
NOW THERE IS AN UPDATE! The author is discovered!
It turns out, the son of Mary Carrier Griswold (the author) lived in Lake Mohawk (Sparta, NJ) and died here. Somehow, this diary, a part of his belongings, came to be in the possesion of the township and found its way to the town hall attic. Mrs. Griswold died while vacationing in Florida in 1965. She was then a resident of the Merriam Home in Newton, New Jersey. She was a member of the Newton Presbyerian Church. At the time of her diary (1900), she was then recently married to Rev. Tracy Beadle Griswold and was living in Auburn, N.Y. His second pastorate was in Albany, Oregon, but we think this diary relates only to Auburn. Mary Carrier Griswold - 1872 - 1965. A PDF file is HERE, so you can read more about this amazing woman. Please feel free to add your comments using the link under this post!
There are more presentations by the Sparta Historical Society that will appear soon. (type "history" in the "search this blog" box above left) Short history features and the film "Voices of The Land" are available on DVD. You can order HERE.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day's End - SNOWETRY

This is a preview of the "Snowetry" collection. The DVD is available only in packs of 20 DVDS (for $39.95 delivered) that are suitable sharing as a gift for friends and family. . 100% of the video was shot in Sussex County, NJ. The project was put together in a virtual partnership with M.J. Trenklerin Jacksonville, Fl. YOU can download the full video plus added snowfall footage in an mp4 file from for as little as $3.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Weather with Tony Selimo is found updated almost daily in this blog. Come back regularly for his weather service!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Train Your Dog To Heel

DAVJAN Training has been at this a long time. Dave provides a FREE DVD for leash training to his customers. But, here you can get some of his dog training advice without having to bother him for a DVD. His website is DAVJANTRAINING