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Friday, July 15, 2005

Superb Summer Entertainment

Anyone in the North New Jersey Area should check out the dates of performances for Cameo Productions, a musical/theatrical organization now performing at the Presbyterian Church off Berkshire Valley Road. Directions on the website. I hope to be in town for the one listed here! But, check them all. To miss one is to miss a treasury of talent and entertainment!
August 7 · Songs of STEPHEN

Introduction to Sparta Township Mayor

Ailish Hambel, Former Mayor of Sparta NJ introduces herself. Her term ended in 2006. New Mayor, Manny Goldberg will be presented in a current post - to follow. Residents are encouraged to email the town clerk or the mayor directly with comments and questions for the mayor. See more Sparta Features here.

The was the first issue of the Mayor's report is on our Eggzono channel. It is also featured on the local GOP website. Our last "feature of the week" of the ninja chipmunk is still popular and it can still be seen on this channel or the In Country channel. The archived features are in the index column. You can also comment from the link under the videos and you can email the link for this video to friends. You may *NOT* email it to your enemies. This is forbidden. If you think your town or school officials should be on Eggzono.TV, let us know. Also, contact Eggzono if you'd like to become a volunteer producer.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Inside Local Entertainment - Suzanne Carrington

With this interview of Suzanne Carrington we are launching a a new section of Eggzono to present entertainers from our local area. In coming weeks, not only will you find interiews with the people who perform in our local entertainment scene, you will also find samples of their work. (SC will be at the Balloon Festival July 29) Performances by Suzanne and her guitarist Hal Hirsch will be posted in a week or so. Visit their websites and learn more about them and where they are performing! Check out some performances by Laurie Cagno and Suzanne Carrington at our archive site WBUZZ. (subject=entertainment).

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fire Safety for Sparta Kids

The Red Cross Fire Safety Trailer helps young children to learn about fire and how to be safe. In Sparta, the Jr. Women's Club makes use of the Safety Village Program to bring kids to learn these important lessons. Sometimes groups such as Rachael Paulson's Global Kids - "REACH TO LEAD" youth group will assist the Red Cross. You can find video clips of Rachael Paulson reading from her children's books at eggzono's archives at WBUZZ. Look under the Author's Corner.

Monday, July 11, 2005

A Word To The Wives (Classic 1954)

Here is a 1954 training movie for new wives to help them understand how to work with their husbands and get them to spend money to improve their kitchen. This should bring back a lot of chuckles for the older set and pure awe from the younger set. You will need to open this from the link provided here because it is hosted by IFILM, a great place to see independent film productions of all kinds. Entertaining and informative topics. You could spend days there, but don't forget! We have a lot of local topics you'll find nowhere else!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is Dennis, riding over the same path as Ivan did last year. Enough already! My family is all under this weather, centered out of Most just barely have their roofs repaired or flood damage cleared from Ivan. Some friends are still living in a barn or in a FEMA trailer. I wonder if this is the kind of storm pattern that drove the first Spanish settlers away from the area. may have to go down there for relief work again, like I did last year before I was These hurricanes do NOT leave a pretty site! You can see my cousin "Skeeter" at the INCOUNTRY blog ("A Stump in Time"). Skeeter is one of those hurricane veterans too.