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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Inside Local Entertainment - Suzanne Carrington

With this interview of Suzanne Carrington we are launching a a new section of Eggzono to present entertainers from our local area. In coming weeks, not only will you find interiews with the people who perform in our local entertainment scene, you will also find samples of their work. (SC will be at the Balloon Festival July 29) Performances by Suzanne and her guitarist Hal Hirsch will be posted in a week or so. Visit their websites and learn more about them and where they are performing! Check out some performances by Laurie Cagno and Suzanne Carrington at our archive site WBUZZ. (subject=entertainment).


Kenny said...

Nice interview!
She's magnificent!!!

Neil said...

Good stuff. Suze is a very impassioned person and I've seen her on many occasions. Great singer, great person, glad to see you shed some light on this gem.

Anonymous said...

She's great...just plain smokin!!!!!!!!!!