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Monday, June 27, 2005

Lemur in Space

Lori Day, Zoologist for Space Farms and author of "The Zookeeper's Daughter" lets us into the life of a Space Lemur whose name is Fat Chance. Madagascar, the movie has some pretty sharp lemurs, but Fat Chance could run circles around them, after all he is real and not animated! Anyone with an interest in animals should get Laurie's book. It contains a wealth of knowledge flavored with real-world experience. And it is a great read as well. You'll enjoy the humor and the insight.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sail Plane over Appalachian Ridges

Paul Avery of Alpha Point Technology is a glider pilot, actor, computer applications engineer and a lot of other stuff. He took me up in his glider club sailplane for a cruise over the Kittatinny Ridge .. with a good view of the Delaware Water Gap. I highly recommend this kind of flying. Totally different from any other I have done. By the way. This is New Jersey! See all the farms down below?

Jimmy Woolsey Remembered - at Age 103

Jimmy Woolsey was a fixture in Sussex County, NJ for many years. He played the piano at the Walpack Inn and then at the Bella Vita Restaurant. I met him when he was 85 years old and I was lost on my first trip into the Walpack Valley. This film was made when he was 103. He died later that year. More about him and how to get a DVD of him playing this session (and his interview) is available at Buzz Creek. In the interview on the DVD he explains he was an Army veteran of WWI and a Navy veteran of WWII. There are a dozen songs on the DVD. What a Life!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ninja Chipmunk II

Revised Chipmunk video. Version ONE is found at IN_Country With Uncle Vic.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Historical Footnote

(Humor) A local college student believes he has found the resting place of a secret document exposing a long ago error of such magnitude that the history of the world was altered forever.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tripod Rock with Fred Space

Of all the colorful characters in the landscape of New Jersey, I expect few can hold a candle to Fred Space who, through years of life in the real world has developed a sense of nature that few can equal. As a matter of fact, the Fred Space model has been discontinued and they don't make them anymore.

Here, with his grandson, Hunter, Fred takes us on a little Spring tour near the Appalachian Trail, where an odd rock formation has stood for millenia. More explorations of woodland habitat will appear later. Keep coming back for more! Fred's daughter, Lori Day recently authored a book called "The Zookeeper's Daughter". Anyone reading her works will get a better appreciation for Fred and all the inside workings of a real family run zoo .... Space Farms!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


They have a great tour of homes here in Sparta, every year. There are the old 'Lake Style" homes and the homes of the 60's and 70's. AND, there are the big-old-houses that attract investors and the ever-popular-with-realtors .. "RELOs" I wish somebody would volunteer to shoot some video of the homes on the tour. I'd like to post it here. Meanwhile, a blogger called "Jolie" has an interesting link to an article in the NY TIMES about the "RELO CLASS". Why not check it out. The article is ONLINE click from her blog - more fun that way. It is a pretty interesting feature. Coming soon, I'll have here a video feature with Fred Space (farm, zoo, museum). He talks about the spring flora and fauna and the famous but little seen Tripod Rock hidden the hills near High Point. Unlike most "Relos", Fred is one of those people who are real ... like the "Relos" dream of being one day when they retire.