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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tripod Rock with Fred Space

Of all the colorful characters in the landscape of New Jersey, I expect few can hold a candle to Fred Space who, through years of life in the real world has developed a sense of nature that few can equal. As a matter of fact, the Fred Space model has been discontinued and they don't make them anymore.

Here, with his grandson, Hunter, Fred takes us on a little Spring tour near the Appalachian Trail, where an odd rock formation has stood for millenia. More explorations of woodland habitat will appear later. Keep coming back for more! Fred's daughter, Lori Day recently authored a book called "The Zookeeper's Daughter". Anyone reading her works will get a better appreciation for Fred and all the inside workings of a real family run zoo .... Space Farms!


Jack Parker said...

An interesting short video. I enjoyed it.

Buzz Creek said...

Hints for the contest:
Hint 1: Name the food source near the water that the bears eat as they come out of hibernation. Four more items remain among the videos for you to complete the contest entry. For your next one, try INCOUNTRY - with Uncle Vic. Think "taxi". Rules for the winner are under the contests at