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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Winter Wonderland - Snow Poetry

This is a preview of the "Snowetry" collection. The DVD is available only in packs of 20 DVDS (for $39.95 delivered) that are suitable sharing as a gift for friends and family. . 100% of the video was shot in Sussex County, NJ. The project was put together in a virtual partnership with M.J. Trenklerin Jacksonville, Fl. YOU can download the full video plus added snowfall footage in an mp4 file from for as little as $3.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Local Theater January 8

CAMEO PRODUCTIONS presents Gian Carlo Menotti's Christmas opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors at lst Presbyterian Church of Berkshire Valley on January 8 for Epiphany...
The story tells the heart-warming story of a crippled shepherd boy, his destitute mother, and his encounter with the three kings following the star to the manger. It is a timeless, inspiring tale of selfless love working miracles in the midst of worldly poverty. The true meaning of Christmas gift-giving is beautifully expressed in this one hour of glorious music, amusing characters, and beautiful acting and singing . Sung in English, Amahl is one of those rare theatrical masterpieces that charms and touches adults as well as children. Appealing equally to young and old. Amahl is a wonderful introduction to opera for both children and first-time opera goers who appreciate such musicals as Phantom of the Opera. CAMEO PRODUCTIONS - and to order tickets. Jacqueline Kroschell tells about Cameo (video).

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Freeholder _ Chiusano

Gary Chiusano is an elected member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Sussex County, New Jersey. ME3TV of Sparta, New Jersey presents Mr. Chiusano as a service to Sussex County. This is part of a long-term project to bring short introductions to the screen, to better inform the public about who represents them in local and state government. ME3TV studios are in Sparta, NJ. County and other leaders are encouraged to contact ME3TV for a taping session. You are encouraged to pass along the link to this page by using the 'mail' icon below. Feel free to comment from the link provided. ME3TV encourages volunteer producers to provide feature content that is informative or entertaining. (A low cost DVD with an hour of selected features from ME3TV will be available soon). More area features: See these archived features.

Freeholder _ Zellman

Susan M. Zellman, lifelong resident of Sussex County,NJ is presented here by ME3TV. ME3TV believes it is important for people to know who represents them in government. This is part of a long-term project to bring short introductions to the screen, so the public can be better informed about the people who are leaders in our county and state. ME3TV studios are in Sparta, NJ. County leaders are encouraged to contact ME3TV for a taping session. You are encouraged to pass along the link this page by using the 'mail' icon below. Feel free to comment from the link provided. ME3TV encourages volunteer producers to provide feature content that is informative or entertaining. Enjoy more ME3TV archived features here. The background photo for this feature is provided by Don Freeman of Elegant Images. This is the mill house at Waterloo Village, not far from Freeholder Zellman's home in Stanhope.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Telegraph and Sussex County

Bill Truran, author and local historian provides a look at the past through his new series, "HISTORY COMES ALIVE" only here on ME3TV. This episode tells how the telegraph became an important part of the train culture as New Jersey developed into a modern industrial marvel.

Bill's Books about Sparta and other Sussex County topics are availalbe at the Sparta Bookstore, in Sparta New Jersey. A collection of ME3TV features will soon be available on an inexpensive DVD that you can share with your friends.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Larry Cutrone - a versitile performer. Here, Larry presents his mandolin with the theme from "The Godfather". In another feature with Larry, we will present him explaining the history of the mandolin as an instrument. Is there anyone you want to send "a message" to? Maybe you should send this clip. Just use the "mail" icon below to send it to someone who needs to understand you a little better ... if you know what I mean.

Cameo Productions - Great Music

Jacqueline Kroschell of Cameo Productions introduces this company of performers. Their big season in our area is the Summer Season. I did not get this into the blog until now because my summer schedule was blown away with Ivan and Dennis repairs down home at the farm in Chumuckla, FL. However - Pay attention and review this as the season comes around again next year. The venue for Cameo Productions is now very close and near I-80. The Voices of Summer appears in the Presbyterian Church in Jefferson, NJ on Berkshire Valley Road. This is superb talent and outstanding entertainment for the family to enjoy. Check their website for information. Remember, they do one of a kind performances for corporations and individuals as well!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Entertainer - Larry Cutrone

Larry Cutrone is an entertainer and also a video producer in North NJ. He is rated for multi instrument combat musical artistry. His recently released CD "Mandolin o' Mio" is now available. Here, Larry tells a little about his recent work. Soon, on this site, some samples of his work will be posted. He plays a ukelale, a mandolin and a guitar for your enjoyment, right here on ME3TV!

TheTown of Sparta,NJ

Welcome to Sparta NJ. This 10 minute film lets you get a feel for the town and its history. Use the "mail" icon below the post to send this link to people who may want to know more about this area or about Sparta. There are more videos about the area and its history in earlier posts on this blog.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pioneer Fiddle in Sussex County

Several times a year, re-enactors will converge on the old Van Campen Inn, still standing and wecoming travelers as it did in the early years of the colonies. In this clip, Jim Stanko of Hardwick township provides some musical color with the fiddle. He also gives a little history of the music itself. Learn more about the history of the Old Mine Road at Driving along the Old Mine Road along the Delaware River, any time of year, gives a sense of wonder and a sense of place to the traveler.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meet the Mayor of Sparta, NJ

The Mayor of Sparta, New Jersey is Ailish Hambel. This is an introduction to the mayor with an explanation of the form of town government used here. In school we learn about civics and how various levels of government work and how we, as citizens are able to shape our institutions and become involved in making government work for us and our communities. Here is one person's example of civic activity. Email the town council at

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Philosophy of the Harte

Dr. Harte is an Ornithologist ... no . wait a minute .. a Dendrochronologist .. no .. no .. a Paleophrenologist : Whatever. When he took the braces off my son's teeth, he launched into a short "take-care-of-your-mouth-speech" and then segued into a fascinating 2 minute philosophy of life. I came back to his office in Sparta a couple of days later and asked him to "do over" because the bumps on my brain overloaded after the first 30 seconds. I put it on tape. Enjoy.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Staff back in NJ

Have just returned to NJ from which is also hurricane alley. Repairs to Ivan and Dennis damage are still underway and sympathies and a message of hope go to the people of New Orleans. See the blog for photos and updates from the trip. Look here soon for more videos.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hal Hirsch on the Guitar

Hal often accompanies Suzanne Carrington in her performances around New Jersey. Take this link and chill out with a little solo guitar by Hal Hirsch. Learn more about him at his website and from this brief interview.

Suzanne Carrington Performs

Suzanne Carrington is a regional performer based in Northern New Jersey. You can see her interview posted below. We also interviewed her guitarist for this sample. You can see Hal Hirsh's interview and a sample of his own music here as well. Eggzono wants to bring a regular sampling of local entertainers to our channel. If you are an entertainer and want to share your story and some samples of your work, let us know. Would you like to submit a video sample for viewing on Eggzono? Contact us. We encourage volunteer producers. Volunteer, Brian Gartside shot the background scene for this video. It is sunset at Heater's Pond in Ogdensburg, NJ.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Summer Schedule

It came as a surprise to all of us here at Eggzono, but our entire, very large staff (over 220 lbs!), took time off in July and August. Meanwhile, several new features are about to come into the video blog. The second Sparta Mayor's Report is about to come online. There will soon be several entertainers featured, along with news from the local entertainment sector. Larry Cutrone produced a CD with mandolin music that has been nominated for a grammy! Suzanne Carrington provides some samples of her music. Cameo Productions is introduced with a sample of past performances (see the news below ... there are still some performances to see this summer!) A presentation about Samaritan Inn with Cindy Everitt is coming soon. Would you like to see YOUR town mayor on Eggzono.TV? Ask them or other public officials to get in touch with us. There is no fee for elected officials or for non-profits. This is a public service of Eggzono.TV. Don't forget to check out our other channel - "In Country". One of our favorites is a NYC taxi driver who doubles as a taxi minister.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Superb Summer Entertainment

Anyone in the North New Jersey Area should check out the dates of performances for Cameo Productions, a musical/theatrical organization now performing at the Presbyterian Church off Berkshire Valley Road. Directions on the website. I hope to be in town for the one listed here! But, check them all. To miss one is to miss a treasury of talent and entertainment!
August 7 · Songs of STEPHEN

Introduction to Sparta Township Mayor

Ailish Hambel, Former Mayor of Sparta NJ introduces herself. Her term ended in 2006. New Mayor, Manny Goldberg will be presented in a current post - to follow. Residents are encouraged to email the town clerk or the mayor directly with comments and questions for the mayor. See more Sparta Features here.

The was the first issue of the Mayor's report is on our Eggzono channel. It is also featured on the local GOP website. Our last "feature of the week" of the ninja chipmunk is still popular and it can still be seen on this channel or the In Country channel. The archived features are in the index column. You can also comment from the link under the videos and you can email the link for this video to friends. You may *NOT* email it to your enemies. This is forbidden. If you think your town or school officials should be on Eggzono.TV, let us know. Also, contact Eggzono if you'd like to become a volunteer producer.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Inside Local Entertainment - Suzanne Carrington

With this interview of Suzanne Carrington we are launching a a new section of Eggzono to present entertainers from our local area. In coming weeks, not only will you find interiews with the people who perform in our local entertainment scene, you will also find samples of their work. (SC will be at the Balloon Festival July 29) Performances by Suzanne and her guitarist Hal Hirsch will be posted in a week or so. Visit their websites and learn more about them and where they are performing! Check out some performances by Laurie Cagno and Suzanne Carrington at our archive site WBUZZ. (subject=entertainment).

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fire Safety for Sparta Kids

The Red Cross Fire Safety Trailer helps young children to learn about fire and how to be safe. In Sparta, the Jr. Women's Club makes use of the Safety Village Program to bring kids to learn these important lessons. Sometimes groups such as Rachael Paulson's Global Kids - "REACH TO LEAD" youth group will assist the Red Cross. You can find video clips of Rachael Paulson reading from her children's books at eggzono's archives at WBUZZ. Look under the Author's Corner.

Monday, July 11, 2005

A Word To The Wives (Classic 1954)

Here is a 1954 training movie for new wives to help them understand how to work with their husbands and get them to spend money to improve their kitchen. This should bring back a lot of chuckles for the older set and pure awe from the younger set. You will need to open this from the link provided here because it is hosted by IFILM, a great place to see independent film productions of all kinds. Entertaining and informative topics. You could spend days there, but don't forget! We have a lot of local topics you'll find nowhere else!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is Dennis, riding over the same path as Ivan did last year. Enough already! My family is all under this weather, centered out of Most just barely have their roofs repaired or flood damage cleared from Ivan. Some friends are still living in a barn or in a FEMA trailer. I wonder if this is the kind of storm pattern that drove the first Spanish settlers away from the area. may have to go down there for relief work again, like I did last year before I was These hurricanes do NOT leave a pretty site! You can see my cousin "Skeeter" at the INCOUNTRY blog ("A Stump in Time"). Skeeter is one of those hurricane veterans too.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Lemur in Space

Lori Day, Zoologist for Space Farms and author of "The Zookeeper's Daughter" lets us into the life of a Space Lemur whose name is Fat Chance. Madagascar, the movie has some pretty sharp lemurs, but Fat Chance could run circles around them, after all he is real and not animated! Anyone with an interest in animals should get Laurie's book. It contains a wealth of knowledge flavored with real-world experience. And it is a great read as well. You'll enjoy the humor and the insight.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sail Plane over Appalachian Ridges

Paul Avery of Alpha Point Technology is a glider pilot, actor, computer applications engineer and a lot of other stuff. He took me up in his glider club sailplane for a cruise over the Kittatinny Ridge .. with a good view of the Delaware Water Gap. I highly recommend this kind of flying. Totally different from any other I have done. By the way. This is New Jersey! See all the farms down below?

Jimmy Woolsey Remembered - at Age 103

Jimmy Woolsey was a fixture in Sussex County, NJ for many years. He played the piano at the Walpack Inn and then at the Bella Vita Restaurant. I met him when he was 85 years old and I was lost on my first trip into the Walpack Valley. This film was made when he was 103. He died later that year. More about him and how to get a DVD of him playing this session (and his interview) is available at Buzz Creek. In the interview on the DVD he explains he was an Army veteran of WWI and a Navy veteran of WWII. There are a dozen songs on the DVD. What a Life!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ninja Chipmunk II

Revised Chipmunk video. Version ONE is found at IN_Country With Uncle Vic.

Look for other interesting features every week.

Eggzono is training volunteers to create features that highlight their area or themes of interest.

Contact to learn how you can get involved.

When was the last time you produced anything for "not' TV?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Historical Footnote

(Humor) A local college student believes he has found the resting place of a secret document exposing a long ago error of such magnitude that the history of the world was altered forever.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tripod Rock with Fred Space

Of all the colorful characters in the landscape of New Jersey, I expect few can hold a candle to Fred Space who, through years of life in the real world has developed a sense of nature that few can equal. As a matter of fact, the Fred Space model has been discontinued and they don't make them anymore.

Here, with his grandson, Hunter, Fred takes us on a little Spring tour near the Appalachian Trail, where an odd rock formation has stood for millenia. More explorations of woodland habitat will appear later. Keep coming back for more! Fred's daughter, Lori Day recently authored a book called "The Zookeeper's Daughter". Anyone reading her works will get a better appreciation for Fred and all the inside workings of a real family run zoo .... Space Farms!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


They have a great tour of homes here in Sparta, every year. There are the old 'Lake Style" homes and the homes of the 60's and 70's. AND, there are the big-old-houses that attract investors and the ever-popular-with-realtors .. "RELOs" I wish somebody would volunteer to shoot some video of the homes on the tour. I'd like to post it here. Meanwhile, a blogger called "Jolie" has an interesting link to an article in the NY TIMES about the "RELO CLASS". Why not check it out. The article is ONLINE click from her blog - more fun that way. It is a pretty interesting feature. Coming soon, I'll have here a video feature with Fred Space (farm, zoo, museum). He talks about the spring flora and fauna and the famous but little seen Tripod Rock hidden the hills near High Point. Unlike most "Relos", Fred is one of those people who are real ... like the "Relos" dream of being one day when they retire.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Local Features at WBUZZ

Here are some Windows Media Videos showcasing local Authors, Artists and otherwise valuable talent among us.
Dianne Ochiltree: Children's Book Author ... OCHILTREEBOOKS
Rachael Paulson: Children's Book Author ... EARTHMURALS
Fine Arts at SCCC: The SCCC Fine Arts Program ... SCCC Website
Laurie Cagno: Singer "Heal The Wounded" WBUZZ Archives
Homeless Genius: Really, a homeless guy - odd. Don Albert's Page
Many features from Sussex County and around the world are archived at WBUZZ. Visit the link and find features on the Sparta High School, Pope John's Choir, the Sussex Air show and much more. Use the search boxes at the top of the page and reset the query before you select a new category. When you find an interesting feature, copy the link from your browser and share it by email with your friends!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Diary from Sparta in 1910

The Local Historical Society knows it has a gem in this diary. It is dated from 1900. Marjorie Strohsahl reads from it.

There are more presentations by the Sparta Historical Society that will appear soon. These short features and the film "Voices of The Land" are available on DVD. You can order HERE.

Invention for Wheelchairs

Mr. Daniel Mills,who lives near Domino's Pizza on Newton Sparta Road, invented an inexpensive device to help motorize wheelchairs. Your host met Mr. Mills while shopping at Home Depot. Turns out Mr. Mills bought about $6 worth of parts at Home Depot to create his prototype. This is an interestings story! The video is temporarily down, but you can email Mr. Mills HERE.
I was shopping at Home Depot (In Newton, NJ), when I saw a man in a wheelchair whiz by me ... obviously on a mission of some importance. The thing that caught my eye, was his normal folding wheelchair seemed to be scooting along with only a very small electric scooter under it ... propelling it with ease. I stopped him and talked a bit with him. Seems his invention is patented and is being shopped out to buyers who will take it to manufacture and to market. That will mean a lot of people will get to make use of the very simple, yet compelling device that easily attaches to most wheelchairs.

About Sparta NJ

This film is about 10 minutes plus some more at the end for about 13 minutes. The film is a nice introduction to the township of Sparta.
If you are a bank or a real-estate company, you might want to contact us about advertising here with a link to your web-page. This film had over 3500 views in a one year period when it was hosted on the Sparta Township website.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

1756 With The Frontier Guard

This film was made 250 years ago and was only recently rediscovered in the ancient files of EGGZONO Cable-TV archives. Look for more special histories soon. This film temporarily down to clean the film and re-splice it.


At last a place where volunteer tv producers can present features for NW New Jersey. Over 2/3 of the people in Sussex County NJ do NOT have Cable-TV having found Satellite much more useful. The local cable company does not support any efforts to offer public access TV. If you do have Cable-TV, the local community college airs programs on channel 20. Look for some ineresting programs there. These are a good effort and worthy of your attention. Essentially however, the people of this area are restricted to commercial presentations from their cable company with no other way to provide them with informative local television. EGGZONO Cable-TV solves the problem! Now anyone with web access, can pick up on local news information on any schedule they choose!

Welcome Northwest New Jersey!

Volunteer producers are welcome to send 5 to 10 minute features on topics of interest to the area. Think: Schools, Town Government, Politics, Sports, History, and Events! Release forms for producer use are available at Buzz Creek. Amateurs are encouraged to participate! Schools with TV production capability can participate with short features on special topics and events in your school. Submit school related productions through your school office. Release forms are available from
Buzz Creek .

Advertisers are welcomed and encouraged. Part of any advertising fees will be shared with volunteer producers. Just select a topic or feature you want to appear with and we will prepare an ad with you to appear alongside those features. We can even provide a link to your business website! Note: features will soon be catalogued by

category on an Eggzono_TV.