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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Little Love

A new show at Drue Chryst Gallery- "Can You Feel A Little Love?"
See "comments" link below for information.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FW: Early American History Trilogy

Thanks, Tom - I hope to read these soon (having already read "Crucible")
Great recommendations. May I also suggest "Six Frigates"? Similar time
period and founding of the US Navy.

From Tom R. -- I just finished "George Mason-Forgotten Founder", and am
about 25% through with "John Marshall and The Heroic Age of the Supreme
Court". Absolutely fascinating-even though sometimes the esoteric points of
law are a bit elusive, the overall picture of his influence in what we have
come to take for granted is enormous. I suggest that "Crucible of War",
followed by George Mason and finishing out with John Marshall form a perfect
historical trilogy.

I have just ordered, oddly enough, the "Battle of Thermopylae", and the
related "Making of the Movie 300" (about the same battle). My son-in-law
saw the movie 300 twice, once in IMAX, and says he is going a third
time-figured I may as well read about it. Actually, were it not for the
Spartans, we would probably be speaking Persian today.

I am also ordering from History Book Club "The Summer of 1787-The Men Who
Wrote the Constitution". Should tie everything together quite well. I still
have not read the "Benjamin Franklin" bio and "Benedict Arnold's Navy". Oh
well, as I have less and less of a life, I can do a lot of reading.someday I
will move off the Revolution and work my way towards the War of Northern
Aggression. Should carry me well into retirement.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Air Conditioning and Heating - Local Company

Bob Bruno is a heating and air conditioning guy - but also a computer repair expert. I met Bob because his daughter, who is studying journalism was in one of my classes. I think, if you need a local Air Conditioner guy - you can't go wrong with Bob at Ridge Heating and A/C.