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Friday, July 15, 2005

Introduction to Sparta Township Mayor

Ailish Hambel, Former Mayor of Sparta NJ introduces herself. Her term ended in 2006. New Mayor, Manny Goldberg will be presented in a current post - to follow. Residents are encouraged to email the town clerk or the mayor directly with comments and questions for the mayor. See more Sparta Features here.

The was the first issue of the Mayor's report is on our Eggzono channel. It is also featured on the local GOP website. Our last "feature of the week" of the ninja chipmunk is still popular and it can still be seen on this channel or the In Country channel. The archived features are in the index column. You can also comment from the link under the videos and you can email the link for this video to friends. You may *NOT* email it to your enemies. This is forbidden. If you think your town or school officials should be on Eggzono.TV, let us know. Also, contact Eggzono if you'd like to become a volunteer producer.

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