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Thursday, May 26, 2005

1756 With The Frontier Guard

This film was made 250 years ago and was only recently rediscovered in the ancient files of EGGZONO Cable-TV archives. Look for more special histories soon. This film temporarily down to clean the film and re-splice it.

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Rick said...

When I saw the campfire I was like, WOW!, they let them have fire in New Jersey?! Do they need a permit? Then, I saw a guy with a musket! It's well known to the normal parts of the country that New Jersey is a Nazi state, so the the gun really confused me. For a place that was at the forefront of our liberty, the oppression of liberty there today is quite amazing. Then again, most of the original 13 colonies have gone down the tubes since 1776 to the same despot authoritarianism as before, so it's not all that surprising.

Other than that, I really like the early American portrayal. The 18th Century is my favorite era of American history.

(This may post twice.)