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Thursday, June 02, 2005


They have a great tour of homes here in Sparta, every year. There are the old 'Lake Style" homes and the homes of the 60's and 70's. AND, there are the big-old-houses that attract investors and the ever-popular-with-realtors .. "RELOs" I wish somebody would volunteer to shoot some video of the homes on the tour. I'd like to post it here. Meanwhile, a blogger called "Jolie" has an interesting link to an article in the NY TIMES about the "RELO CLASS". Why not check it out. The article is ONLINE click from her blog - more fun that way. It is a pretty interesting feature. Coming soon, I'll have here a video feature with Fred Space (farm, zoo, museum). He talks about the spring flora and fauna and the famous but little seen Tripod Rock hidden the hills near High Point. Unlike most "Relos", Fred is one of those people who are real ... like the "Relos" dream of being one day when they retire.

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