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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Freeholder _ Zellman

Susan M. Zellman, lifelong resident of Sussex County,NJ is presented here by ME3TV. ME3TV believes it is important for people to know who represents them in government. This is part of a long-term project to bring short introductions to the screen, so the public can be better informed about the people who are leaders in our county and state. ME3TV studios are in Sparta, NJ. County leaders are encouraged to contact ME3TV for a taping session. You are encouraged to pass along the link this page by using the 'mail' icon below. Feel free to comment from the link provided. ME3TV encourages volunteer producers to provide feature content that is informative or entertaining. Enjoy more ME3TV archived features here. The background photo for this feature is provided by Don Freeman of Elegant Images. This is the mill house at Waterloo Village, not far from Freeholder Zellman's home in Stanhope.

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Buzz Creek said...

The background behind Susan is provided by Don Freeman, a prolific and outstanding regional photographer. His work can be viewed and purchased at . Don's work will appear in more of our features in the future.