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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court

What a great book! I still maintain that the definitive trilogy of
revolutionary American History would be:
* Crucible of War
* George Mason Forgotten Founder
* John Marshall.
Where the first sets the stage for the Revolution; the second starts with
the F & I war and ends with the Constitution; and John Marshall takes us
from the revolution and the constitution to the age of Andrew
Jackson-appointed by John Adams and dying during Jackson's reign
,er---presidency. After reading Marshall, it is a miracle of the modern age
that the national union ever succeeded, and the success of the union was
Marshall's lifelong passion. In reality you can see the seeds of the Civil
War from the turn of the 19th century onward-and Thomas Jefferson's
fingerprints on states rights is utterly undeniable--fascinating.!

And now on to: the Summer of 1787-the Men Who Invented the Constitution.'

(the above presented by Tom Richarme of Tampa - Thanks, Tom!.. posted to - see the author's channel..

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