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Monday, January 15, 2007

Speaking Up In Poetry & Prose (Samples of the poetry)
Jack Prather, who lived in Sussex County, NJ for many years,  has wrtten a book of poetry. Jack is a deep thinker. He is also good with words.  His poetry is designed to stimulate thought and discussion among people. Classrooms might be one forum. Jack and I split paths on some of his direction, but thinking people can disagree.  One great thing about this work is its ability to evoke the act of "Speaking Up". The book can be purchased in electronic form from his website. Why not buy it as a gift for someone? Maybe even a gift to yourself?  I think I will interview Jack by phone (online) and save the interview to the "AUTHOR Channel" on . Look for it soon (or listen - as the case may be). More interviews are planned for the "Author Channel".

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