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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

George Mason - The Book

This is a commentary on the book "GEORGE MASON" by Tom Richarme - a friend
and fellow history buff:

About 1/3 through his biography-when I bought the book and started
it, I had no idea how precisely he would dove tail into the French and
Indian Wars that I just finished-what with his involvement in the Ohio
Company and all-I just love this stuff!

Sandra and I lived in various parts of Virginia for 13 years-in
Charlottesville from '70-'75; Richmond from '75-'80; Newport News '80-'83.
Charlottesville of course is famous for Monticello which I have toured
numerous times-but also for being the home of Meriwether Lewis (which I did
not appreciate at all until recently completing the Stephen Amborse book).
While living in Richmond my sales territory for three years was the
"Northern Neck" which lies between the Potomac and the Rappahannock Rivers-I
have driven by Gunston Hall (ancestoral home of George Mason) countless
times. While living in Newport News we used to spend many a weekend rambling
through Williamsburg back when it was still free to the public and lived
there during the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown.

Wish I could go back and see it all again relieved of the burden of
making a living, and with the reawakening of my long dormant love of
history.oh well, still not too shabby of a life for a CHS graduate.!

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