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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Veteran Duvall - Murmansk Run

Mr and Mrs. Ivo Duvall (EYE-voh) came up to Sparta from Kinnelon for an hour interview. Ivo was a plucky young fishing boat captain in Alaskan waters in the late 1930's when a Navy recruiter convinced him the Navy reserves were a pretty good thing to be involved in. In early 1942 he received orders for England and the Murmansk Convoys. Of the merchant ships in his group of 17 only one survived the passage to the Soviet Union. He made several covoy runs. Then he transferred to a destroyer and participated in many battles like Iwo, Jima, Tarawa, and Okinawa. I asked him if he was ever in any "BIG" battles. He loved the joke. He is still active as a marine engineer and gives talks on the 15th century Chinese ship construction. Part of his interview will appear on me3tv soon. There is a small delay as many veterans (and volunteers) responded to the recent news articles. Call-backs and emails should ease off soon and these great gems of history will see the light of the web... and DVD's for those that want the whole interview.

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